My Favorite Redheads

I've always loved people with read hair, especially women. I think they are beautiful and I am extremely jealous. I believe this stems from the extreme crush I had on my 4th grade science teacher. She had beautiful red hair.
  1. Julianne Moore and her daughter Liv
    Serious hair envy.
  2. Catherine Tate
    And she's fucking hilarious!
  3. Gillian Anderson
    I don't give a flying fuck if her red hair is not real. Dana Scully's red hair is iconic. Also Gillian rocks it.
  4. Marcia Cross
    My favorite desperate housewife.
  5. Amy Adams
    She is so adorable and talented and I love her.
  6. Karen Gillan
    Her entire hair game is strong.
  7. Ginger Spice aka Geri Halliwell
    Forever my favorite spice girl.
  8. Elmo
    Just look at that fucker! He's covered in red hair.