1. I was born into a Catholic family
    Both my mom and dad were raised Catholic.
  2. We went to church every week when I was little.
  3. I went to CCD every year starting in 1st grade.
  4. First communion was in 2nd grade
    It was a big thing. After, my entire family and some family friends came to our house for a party. There was lots of pictures and money. That's all I remember.
  5. I was confirmed when I was in 7th grade
    I helped with CCD classes as a part of my volunteer work.
  6. One thing from that year stuck with me and made me a little skeptical.
    They sat us all down and talked about Columbine. They told us if we were in that situation and someone asked us if we believed in God we should always say yes. We would be considered a martyr. 7th grade me was not about to die for God. But I moved on.
  7. I had always believed in God
    I knew nothing different. It's how I was raised. I was surrounded by people believed in God.
  8. My mom stopped taking us to church after my parents got divorced. Our dad took us every other week when we were with him.
  9. When I was in 9th and 10th grade I took church quite seriously.
    I was attentive in church and prayed. It was nothing too extreme, but it was a change.
  10. It was probably my senior year of high school I started questioning my beliefs
    One of my best friend in high school was raised atheist.
  11. I knew not much other than the existence of God, but I was now exposed to other ways of thinking.
  12. So I started thinking about it. It was time I thought for my own and figured out what I believed for myself
  13. I still went to church mostly because I didn't really know how to talk about it with my dad. I still don't.
  14. I identified as agnostic for a while.
    Probably because I had a lot of guilt for not believing in God. And this kinda covered the not believing but not denying aspect.
  15. I had no choice really to not go to church when I was home from college.
    It's not like I was dragged to the church. I didn't talk to my dad about it. I felt obligated in a way.
  16. In the past year or two I stopped going to church when my dad or step-mom goes. They don't ask me. I think they know somehow despite me not telling them.
  17. This past year in my History of God class, in one of the books we read, someone described themselves as an "atheistically-inclined agnostic"
    In that moment a lot of things made sense to me.
  18. I believe we cannot truly know if a God exists, but I can say I'm far more on the side of disbelief.
    I usually just say I don't believe in God. It's easier to explain.
  19. I don't judge other people on their beliefs. I do not care if you are Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Wiccan or what ever else.
    Unless you are using it to control other people or use your religion to defend racism, homophobia, or any other form of discrimination. I will definitely judge you. There are groups of extremists in every religion and what they do I believe is wrong, but not a representation of the entire religion.
  20. To put it simply, I find atheists who consider religious people less intelligent and that they are superior for not believing in God, assholes.
    You are not more intelligent because you rely on science and not religion. There are plenty of very intelligent scientists who believe in God. Actually, there are plenty of very intelligent people in general in every field who believe in God.
  21. I find religions very fascinating and want to learn more about the history and beliefs of many religions. So if you actually read this, tell me about your religion and beliefs! And any recommendations to learn more!