My Lady Crushes

I had this in my drafts but @emilyannlosey has me inspired to finish it. Basically a list of ladies I absolutely adore.
  1. Gillian Anderson
    I could probably write a whole list on why I love Gillian Anderson, but I won't. She's just fucking gorgeous! I will probably have a crush on her forever.
  2. Meryl Streep
    Meryl is basically my Queen. She is fabulous in almost every way. See that dress? She wore it again 30 years later and still looked amazing.
  3. Stevie Nicks
    Stevie Nicks is my god. If I ever met her I would be afraid I would accidentally blurt out some sort of marriage proposal. Seriously she's a little out there, but my absolute favorite.
  4. Enya
    I feel like she's a very calm person who probably has a halo around her and gives great advice. I need that kind of stability. Also she lives in a FUCKING CASTLE IN IRELAND! 🏰 Someone start a petition for Enya to adopt me.
  5. Emma Thompson
    I feel like Emma Thompson gives zero fucks about what anyone thinks which makes her fucking hilarious. I want to be like her.
  6. Lucy Lawless
    I feel like Lucy Lawless may be a little crazy. Does anyone remember the time she got arrested? I admit protesting oil drilling or whatever is probably a good thing, but she sat on a drilling tower for like four days. Clearly she takes no ones shit. She's awesome. She also has an amazing accent.
  7. Amanda Tapping
    I loved her since I was a kid and she was in Stargate. My friend has met her a couple of times and says she is absolutely the sweetest. She's just gorgeous and talented even if she isn't well known.
  8. Debbie Harry
    Young Debbie Harry was smoking hot! She's still fucking gorgeous and rocking at 70.
  9. Nicola Walker
    I think she has a beautiful smile. She's also incredibly talented and more people should know about her.
  10. Essie Davis
    She's just fucking adorable.