1. 3 weeks ago I passed my nurse aide class and did 2 weeks of orientation.
    Please see Becca and I on the last day of class.
  2. This past week I was on my own and I had my own 8-12 residents to care for.
  3. Becca and I got really lucky with the unit we were placed on to work.
  4. We work on the unit we did clinicals on
    So we knew most of the residents already.
  5. All the other aides that work on the unit were super nice and encouraging during our orientation and helped us out a lot.
    They still are. Except one who is really annoying and not that great. Becca and I try to do our best to ignore her and help each other.
  6. Our nurses are incredible!
    The other people from our classic different units all have that one nurse on their unit who is a total bitch to them. We don't have that. A couple of them even stop and help us with residents.
  7. I also have a huge crush on one of the nurses, but that's not important or relevant.
    But she's super cute. A lot of the other aides don't like her because she can be hard on them and is also always running around full of what I suspect to be a lot of anxious energy. But she's sooo cute and weird 😍
  8. This past week has been very hectic
    I don't really stop at all my entire shift I feel like I go so slow doing everything. Also everyone wants to go to bed at the same time and I'm just like ahhh I can't do you all at once.
  9. Also call bells go off all the time. I get out of a room from putting someone to bed or taking them to the bathroom and there is always at least one call light on in my hall. Friday I came out of one room and 4 were on. 😳
  10. But residents have told me I've been doing good which is better than any other nurse or aide telling me I'm doing good because the residents are the ones receiving care.
    One may have asked me to be her aide for the night over an aide who's been there for awhile.
  11. I also have friends in the area now. Every Thursday a group of us from class go out for drinks after our shift.
    It's nice to finally get out and just hang out with friends. Even if we are the weird group of people in the bar all dressed in scrubs.
  12. Next week though I have the state test to be certified.
    I am terrified. Like holy shit. The written test will be fine but the skills I'm terrified of. Mostly taking blood pressure because I am absolutely awful at taking blood pressure.
  13. So basically I disappeared from here for awhile and this is what I've been doing and I'm thinking of lists to write now!