You know if I had money to buy the clothes I want.
  1. Stevie's hair
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    The waves and the bangs. I love it. I want it. Also the beret thingy.
  2. Stevie's jewelry
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    I want lots of rings, lots of necklaces, and lots of bracelets. And I want to wear them all at the same time.
  3. Current Stevie's black on black on black all day, everyday.
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    Woman, what sort of witchcraft are you practicing that all your blacks are the same shade?! Let me into your coven.
  4. Y'all should probably just throw some chiffon on me and call it a day.
  5. Scully's hair color in "I Want To Believe"
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    If I could have my hair any color it would be this. I am too poor to get this done and maintained now. One day.
  6. Sarah Manning
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    Everything she wears I want, specifically all her boots and leather jackets. I am not badass enough and not confident enough to rock this, but I want to.
  7. Cosima
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    For when I'm feeling like a cute, nerdy, lesbian. Which is all the time.
  8. Everything Bedelia Du Maurier wears
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    Wine included.
  9. Stella Gibson's entire wardrobe
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    When looking at professional clothes I constantly ask myself "what would Stella Gibson wear?"
  10. Caroline and Gillian from Last Tango In Halifax complete opposite styles
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    Caroline is very classy and Gillian is very casual. I want both. One day I'm like let's layer with flannels and the next I'm like pencil skirts!!
  11. Mrs. S.
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    Braids and plaid and a badass attitude.
  12. Alison
    My British 60-some year old history professor. Style: black pencil skirts, comfy sweaters (mostly grey and black), big jewelry, black tights, heels. Occasional grey or black dress pants, black or dark purple dresses, or a scarf. Wear this all year round. Doesn't matter if it's snowing or 80 degrees outside.
  13. Do I want to be a middle-aged British woman? Probably.