My trip to NYC

Aka shenanigans with Mindy!
  1. I've been meaning to write this since it happened but life happens.
    Trip dates: May 19-23
  3. Mindy and I each took a bus into NYC and our first in person meeting was at the port authority bus station. We shared the biggest hug.
    Mindy took an overnight bus from Pittsburgh and I left in the morning. Neither of us slept because of excitement.
  4. It took us like 45 minutes to find our hotel because we were lost and my gps is dumb, but we finally made it where we sat on our asses waiting to check in because we were exhausted.
    Good old Hotel Pennsylvania. When we got to our floor. I was like, "this is where we die, I feel like I'm in The Shining." The big Chelsea billboard led us home each day.
  5. That night we went to Madam Tussauds.
    It was really cool. I may have apologized to a wax person because I thought it was a real person and bumped it.
  6. Jimmy.
  7. Bill!
    You had to have a VIP pass for the Obamas. I was pissed. I wanted a picture with the wax Obamas.
  8. Look who I found! 👽
    My babies.
  9. That night we went in early relaxed and watched Gillian Anderson videos.
    In preparation for Sunday. And because Gillian Anderson.
  11. We did a lot of walking around and just exploring. So here are my favorite pictures.
  12. Honestly I'm still laughing at this and bought the keychain with this.
  13. I could probably spent days in Central Park
  14. The Me.
  15. I LOVE The Met
    I wish I could dedicate a day to each section so I could see everything.
  16. Stopped at Dylan's Candy Bar
    DD that's some lame candy. Someone get Gillian here. I suspect it's probably just plain dark chocolate though. Which I could get with.
  17. We stopped at LUSH.
    We tried some stuff out and talked to the employees and she showed us stuff. Mindy and I are now both in love with LUSH. These are my recent online purchases.
  18. We went to an Irish pub for dinner and when I saw this on the menu I about cried.
    I drank this all the time in Ireland and haven't had it since. The drink of the gods. Well to me at least.
  19. Then we went to Midtown Comics where I bought myself some stuff.
    Nerd 🤓
  20. I didn't know I needed this in my life but I do.
    My dad bought me the new The X-Files comic a couple days before and now I'm obsessed with them.
  21. Night followed by more Gillian Panels b
  23. We walked so much this day. We just stopped at place last along the way.
    Fun fact. This day killed my hips and legs. I actually strained the muscles in my right leg and ankle. The day we left I could barely walk.
  24. First we went to the Star Wats Costume Exhibit. It was truly beautiful.
    Let me wear everything.
  25. My favorite.
    I want to wear this.
  26. And I got this awesome shirt!
  27. I need these.
  28. We passed by Radio City Music Hall
  29. We stopped in St. Patrick's Cathedral
    It was stunning. I love churches. Despite not being religious I lit a candle for my grandfather who was. It seemed only fitting to light a candle in a cathedral named after St. Patrick when my grandfather's birthday was on St. Patrick's day.
  30. We went into The Public Library
    The only place I didn't buy something, mostly because I couldn't decide.
  31. We walked to the 9/11 Memorial which took about 2 hours. There was a very somber feeling standing there. I can't really explain it. It was powerful.
  32. The one thing my brother Erik asked me to do before I left was to see the Ghostbusters Firehouse. We walked passed it but it's under reconstruction so I snapped these for him
  33. He was super excited.
  34. That night we went to Dave & Busters for dinner and that's when we discovered that Jessica Lange was performing in the theater across the street.
    We had no idea she was in a play at that time. I just stood there upset that I was outside and Jessica Lange was inside and I had no idea. We would have died seeing her perform.
  35. That night ended the same as all the others.
  37. This day deserves its own list.
    To be continued.