1. Pookie
    My parents had to stop calling me this because I was going to kindergarten and thought it was my actual name. My parents still call me this occasionally. Especially my mom.
  2. Hulk
    My BFF Cassie have this to me freshman year of college. Someone ripped a water fountain out of the wall in my dorm one night so Cass said I did it then started calling me Hulk. I will respond to this.
  3. Spaghetti
    Belle, my adviser in college, gave this to me either end of freshman year or beginning of sophomore year. When I get excited sometimes I wave my arms wildly in the air. These are known as spaghetti arms. She shortened it to spaghetti. Her kids know me as this. Jim, her husband, has accidentally called on me in class by calling me spaghetti, which confused the class. Most emails between Belle and I are addressed to/signed off as spaghetti.
  4. Amber-bee 🐝
    Cass's fiancé Brandon gave me this one. They both call me this. I find it endearing and I love it and only they are allowed to call me it.
  5. Anal beads
    My fellow unit director and friend gave this to me this summer at camp. We each had inappropriate names that we called each other, often through our walkies. I guess anal beads sounds like Amberle. Hers was Cunt-lyn, replacing Caitlyn.
  6. Bebe
    My little brothers gave me this name. They couldn't and still can't properly pronounce my real name Amberle. (Pronounced amber-lee). Bebe is practically my name now. My entire family calls me it, my friends call me it, I refer to myself as Bebe. I also respond to bee, beebs, and beeb.