Basically some my favorite pictures ever
  1. Baby me. Look at those curls!
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  2. Me, Rachel, and baby Tommy
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  3. Baby Timmy
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  4. Old Man Baby Erik
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  5. My First Buddy Walk
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  6. 18 year old me at Disney World
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  7. Me with birdies
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  8. My old room
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  9. My sestra and me painting my room
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  10. Cool me at Kennywood
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  11. Take a look at that skin tone difference between sisters
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  12. Typical me
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  13. We're skilled
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  14. This was my 19th birthday. Everyone is so young.
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  15. Sibling squad
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  16. Such a nice sculpture
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  17. BFF Cassie and Tiny nun
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  18. CASSIE!
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  19. Hufflepuff for Life
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  20. When my brother was a beardless boy
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  21. Swinging
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  22. Nate who is practically my big brother
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  23. Just some lesbians
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  24. They stole my bandanas
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  25. Meeting Carl Wilkens and his wife Teresa
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  26. Zoe and my reactions when our professors lit a old Christmas tree on fire
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  27. Heather talking to Timmy before graduation
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  28. My bearded brother Tommy
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  29. My dad and stepmom
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  30. His fucking face
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  31. This is one of the only pictures I have with my grandpa. He always took the pictures
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  32. With a dolphin and the sestra
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  33. Sister!!
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  34. This is what studious me looks like
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  35. My laughing face
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  36. I have no chill when it comes to Georgia O'Keeffe vaginas. I mean flowers
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  37. My "I'm not sure about that" face
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    Or it's just a cold and rainy day in New York City
  38. Typical break at camp on dance day. Nice clothes and a cigar
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  39. Tire swing in Blarney
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  40. Snow day with college students
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  41. Heather and Nate reading to Timmy
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  42. Lesbian friends
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  43. Females are strong as hell
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  44. Brothers, sisters, cousins, and great-grandma
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  45. I hate us but I laugh every time I see it
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  46. Drunk and bow tie noodles
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    We took this to show our professor who strictly wears bow ties. He loved it.
  47. No caption needed
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  48. Meggy and me
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  49. This is what Huntingdon, PA looks like
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  50. Caitlyn and kitty Lexi
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