I know wish I would have taken pictures before I wrapped them. I'm proud of myself and have to share because I'm awful at giving gifts.
  1. Dad:
    Star Wars poster. It's the original poster but on a canvas. Thank you Target home decor section.
  2. Dee, Step-Mom
    Aromatherapy shower bombs because I know she needs something to distress her crazy life. Also some nice hand lotion.
  3. Tommy, Brother
    A new sketch book, because he filled his other one, and a black illustrator pen.
  4. Jeni, Sister
    "An Abundance of Katherines" by John Green. She reads so much! I feel like she needs a John Green book.
  5. Timmy, Brother
    A Jake and the Neverland Pirates search book. It's made with cardboard so it will be harder for him to destroy!
  6. Erik, Bro
    The illustrated Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone. He loves the movies and this is the best way for me to introduce him to the books. I can't wait to read it with him!
  7. Heather, Girlfriend
    I've been getting her stuff from places I go to without her. I got her a Woolrich flannel, a teddy bear holding a Hershey kiss from Hershey Park, and a penguin necklace from the Zoo. Will probably draw her a picture as well.
  8. Rachel, Sister
    We agreed she would get me a present and I didn't have to get her anything because I wrote a paper for her. Solid deal really.