I live in a development that is full of well off people who live in big houses. We live comfortably but not as comfortable as a lot of these people.
  1. They drive golf carts around
    Often I wonder why middle aged to high school kids are driving around in golf carts for fun. Don't get me wrong I loved driving the god cart around at my job, but that was a job. They do this to go to other people's houses. This development is t that big. Why don't you walk?
  2. Some have heated driveways
    You know to melt the snow so they don't have to shovel. Good lord. I'm sure it's nice not to have to shovel but the people who have this don't have long driveways. It wouldn't take that long to shovel.
  3. Some children get brand new cars on their 16th birthday or when they get their license.
    A 16 year old girl down the road got a brand new hummer for her birthday. First of all all people who own hummers annoy me. Are any of you going off to combat in northeastern PA? Definitely not that 16 year girl.
  4. Someone is always having landscaping done
    This does lead to very nice front lawns. but there is not a day that I don't see a landscaping truck here spring through fall. Everyone seems to be obsessed with their lawns and how they look.
  5. They're all white
    There is zero diversity here. It ranges from middle aged white people and their children to old white people. I also suspect they're all republicans. At least the neighborhood I grew up in when I lived with my mom was diverse. That was a fun time.
  6. Don't get me wrong, all the people I've talked to here are very nice. They just annoy me.