Inspired by @dustinboone list about gay men. Help me out @lesbian
  1. Lesbians hate men
    Plenty of lesbians have lots of guy friends and family members that they love.
  2. In a lesbian relationship one is the man in the relationship
    No one is the man. They are both women. That's the point.
  3. In a lesbian relationship one is always butch and the other is femme
    Nope. Some could be be, but it can be any combo of any identity.
  4. Lesbian sex isn't real because there's no penis.
    Why is this a thing?
  5. Lesbians use dildos and strap-ons because they have penis envy.
    Highly unlikely. Don't need a penis to have sex as previously stated.
  6. You're not a real lesbian if you've had sex with a man before
    As a lesbian who has had sex with a man before I can tell you this is false.
  7. "But you're too pretty to be a lesbian."
    What?! You're telling me lesbians can't be pretty? False. Lesbians are gorgeous.
  8. Lesbians are really into sports
    Some are very into sports. I can tell you I could care less and I'm sure there are others as well. The only sports event I care about are the olympics.
  9. """"Lesbian haircuts""""
    Y'all what the hell
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  10. Only gay because they had one bad experience with a guy
    ???????I wasn't "turned gay" I just like women????? And even if I did have a bad experience with a gay, it wouldn't make my sexuality any less valid
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  11. Anything you got off The L Word
    Just stop
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  12. We all have vaginal sex
    Not every girl has a vagina? Penis and vagina sex can still be gay sex? Literally just depends on the gender identity of the person attached to it whether or not it's gay?
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  13. "You just haven't found the right guy"
    -straight aunts & dudes at bars
    Suggested by @ameliaville