1. Heights
    It's more the fear of falling from said great height. Either way my heart races, but I like to push the limits with this fear. Roller coasters? Down for it. Standing close to the edge? Will probably crawl with lots of objections, but will do it. It's a fear/adrenaline rush.
  2. Death
    I know everyone dies but I don't want to die before I've done everything and all my family should die after me so I don't have to go through that. I spend most of my time denying this fear. I plan on living forever.
  3. Spiders
    Big or small it does not matter. Even pictures of them gives me extreme anxiety and I want to cry. If I see one I will run. If it gets on me I will spaz. If it is relatively big I will cry.
  4. The dark
    I will turn every light on in the house at night to get a glass of water. I cannot look into dark rooms out of fear of what I may see in there. I cannot sleep in complete darkness. Walking home in the dark even with streetlights in a safe place I will power walk.
  5. Windows at night
    The thought of looking out a window into the dark and seeing something, more specifically someone, out there terrifies me.
  6. Illnesses
    From the flu to cancer. I'm terrified of getting sick and other people getting sick. Specifically vomiting.
  7. Being home alone
    During the day time it's fine. At nighttime I panic. I stayed by myself in the apartment at the camp I worked at overnight, with no cell service, in the middle of nowhere where the closest people were over a mile away. That was the scariest night of my life. I can do night in an apartment by myself in an apartment building because there are people close by.
  8. First floor Windows
    It's more of a fear of what can get in those windows because they are easily accessible. These things are serial killers.
  9. Serial killers
    They are fascinating, but they scare the shit out of me. More like I'm afraid of being murdered by one.
  10. Getting stuck in an elevator
    This is self explanatory. I will still use an elevator because I'm a lazy piece of shit.
  11. Worms
    I don't care what they do for they environment. I cannot touch them. They look gross. They give me extreme anxiety. Kinda like spiders. I hate when it rains and all those fuckers come out and I have to avoid stepping on them. Also terrified of getting a tapeworm. I enjoy the taste of onion rings, but if the onion comes out I can't eat it because it looks like a tapeworm.
  12. The Exorcist
    I watched The Exorcist when I was 16. I cried the entire time in the fetal position under a blanket. The change in voice is one of the worst parts for me to watch. After this anything with an exorcism I really cannot watch. Images of the girl from The Exorcist makes me panic. Like it gets hard for me to breathe and my heart races even if I see a picture for a couple of seconds.