It's 2 am and I'm giving myself a Bacon number. Now you should all do yourselves. If you need an explanation there's a whole Wikipedia page on the Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon.
  1. I met Alan Rickman after his play "Seminar"
  2. Alan Rickman has been in many things with Emma Thompson.
    It's too late to chose one or list them all. Let's just say they are essentially married.
  3. Emma Thompson kissed Meryl Streep in "Angels in America"
    In my mind they are also BFFs.
  4. Meryl Streep was in "The River Wild" with Kevin Bacon
  5. Bacon number is 4.
    Unfortunately I don't count seeing the Bacon Brothers live as a Bacon number of 1 because I did not actually meet him. I also can't believe I forgot to put them in my concert list. Shame on me. Will have to fix that.
  6. Bacon number: 2
    SIX DEGREES OF KEVIN BACON although this way is more fun and now I want to do it via actors
    Suggested by @k8mcgarry
  7. Bacon number: 2
    I honestly thought my number would be much higher, but then I remembered I met Adam Scott at a screening of Friends with Kids and he's in Black Mass with Kevin Bacon!
    Suggested by @katiesham
  8. Bacon number: 3
    I'm not sure if this counts but I was at a sushi restaurant in Wilmington, NC in 2010 and Sissy Spacek was there eating also. (In Wilmington Filming a John Wells medical drama that never made it) I didn't bother her BUT the waitress waited on both of our tables. Sissy Spacek was in JFK with Kevin Bacon in 1991. Bam!
    Suggested by @kate81
  9. Bacon Number: 1
    My mom reached for an orange at the exact same time as him in a grocery store in Baltimore. She's had a huge crush on him ever since.
    Suggested by @edoublebubs
  10. Bacon Number: 6
    Via lister @jessicaz . Go read hers, but here's my list:
    Suggested by @andersun