Because I'm bored
  1. My undergraduate thesis in history was on the burial grounds for unbaptized children in early modern Ireland.
    It's a mouthful and the simplest way to explain it. It's the paper I'm proudest of.
  2. A lot of my "firsts" happened during my three summers at camp. I did more things there than at college. I was a fairly well behaved college student. During camp breaks I was wild. Well wild for me.
    I have a list of this saved. Maybe will publish it.
  3. I have so many camp stories like it's unreal.
  4. My birthmark is on my middle finger 🖕🏻
  5. I know Dreams and Storms by Fleetwood Mac in sign language
    I can also do Imagine if I practice.
  6. It takes no time for me to find the attractive middle-aged woman in any tv show and completely fall in love with her.
    I can't help it.
  7. I don't like loud noises
    Like I love concerts, but if I'm in a room and a lot of people are talking all at once I hear everything and my brain starts freaking out. This also happens if a TV or music is too loud.
  8. Part of me wants to get a tiny UFO tattoo on my ass
    I have no idea why.
  9. Princess Diana died on my 5th birthday.
    Any time I watch anything involving her I cry.
  10. I share a room with my 18 yo brother
  11. I've never puked because of alcohol
    A personal achievement.
  12. I lost my virginity at 17. To a boy 😱
    I was straight once.
  13. I've showered with 7 other people at the same time in the same shower
  14. That's about it. I'm a very boring person.