Because I've been listening to Stevie all day.
  1. Bella Donna
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    Everything about this album is perfect to me. This is the essential Stevie, both lyrics and voice. I would recommend it to everyone. Favorite Song: Outside the Rain
  2. The Wild Heart
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    This is a very close second because I also love everything about this album. It's right below Bella Donna. Favorite Song: Wild Heart
  3. 24 Karat Gold
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    This is everything I wanted it to be. Stevie officially recorded demos that she knew all of us loved and it was beautiful. Favorite Song: Lady
  4. Rock a Little
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    Sometimes I feel that you may need to be high on coke to fully enjoy this album. I still think it's great, though. Favorite Song: Has Anyone Every Written Anything For You
  5. Trouble in Shangri-La
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    I actually really like this album, but like her older albums are just fabulous. "Too Far From Texas" really gives it negative points because I can't stand that song. A very good album for not making a solo album in like 7 years. Favorite Song: Love Is
  6. In Your Dreams
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    I was so excited for this album when it came out. It's good, but not 100%. I loved all the behind the scenes stuff with Dave Stewart. The music videos are gorgeous. Favorite Song: Ghosts are Gone
  7. The Other Side of the Mirror
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    '89 wasn't a great year for Stevie. The album is not awful, but it's not good. A few songs save it from being the bottom. Favorite Song: Rooms on Fire
  8. Street Angel
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    If '89 wasn't great then '94 was awful. I spend a good amount of time trying to ignore this album's existence. I give Stevie an A for effort for making this during the last years of her addiction to Klonopin. Favorite Song: Destiny, only because 90% of the lyrics are from The Wild Heart era song, Enchanted.