I'm drinking, I'm listening to Stevie, and I'm v emotional right now.
  1. But never have I been a blue calm sea/ I have always been a storm
  2. I'll follow you down 'til the sound of my voice will haunt you
  3. So I close my eyes softly/ 'Til I become that part of the wind/ That we all long for sometimes
  4. I'm not a child anymore/ I'm tall enough/ To reach the stars
  5. Timeless is the creature who is wise/ Timeless is the prisoner in disguise
  6. Come in out of the darkness
  7. How the faces of love have changed...turning the pages/ And I have changed oh, but you remain ageless
  8. Why the sad face oh darling/ Was it my darkness...shadow light/ I mean to cause no trouble for you/ That is the story of my life
  9. There is no fire burning... Just a soul crying
  10. Well did she make you cry/ Make you break down/ Shatter your illusions of love/ Well it's over now/ Do you know how to pick up the pieces and go home
  11. Don't hide your eyes that way/ Don't hide anything not anymore/ Because I never did not love you/ I never did run from you/ in a dream I said to you/ That I'd always love you
  12. And the rain comes down/ There's no pain and there's no doubt/ It was easy to say/ I believed in you everyday/ If not for me/ Then do it for the world
  13. Not unlike the blue white fire/ You burn brightly in spite of yourself
  14. You love somebody/ Save their soul/ Tie them to your heaven/ Erase their hell
  15. And it's been like dying/ No love's that hard to find/ I'm tired of/ I'm tired of trying
  16. Your dreams unwind/ Love's a state of mind
  17. She is like a cat in the dark/ then she is your darkness
  18. I'm not asking forever from you/ m just asking to be held for awhile/ in a timeless search/ for a love that might work
  19. Even when you feel like your life is fading/ I know that you'll go on forever
  20. Heartbreak of the moment is not endless
  21. Well don't blame it on me/ blame it on my wild heart
  22. No one walks away from this battle/ From the power, it's so strong/ Like a fury/ Keep that fury deep inside you/ And wish it to end
  23. You can ride high atop your pony/ I know you won't fall/ 'cause the whole thing's phoney
  24. I run around like a spirit in flight/ fearlessness is fearlessness/ I will not forget this night
  25. Races are run/ some people win/ some people always have to lose
  26. We all chase something and maybe this is a dream
  27. I've been afraid of changing/ 'cause I built my life around you
  28. Listen carefully to the sound of your loneliness/ Like a heartbeat drives you mad/ in the stillness of remembering/ what you had/ and what you lost
  29. Said you'd give me light/ but you never told me about the fire
  30. And the days go by like a strand in the wind/ in the web that is my own/ I begin again
  31. No one knows how I feel/ what I said, unless you read between my lines
  32. Drowning in the sea of love/ where everyone would love to drown
  33. Take on the situation but not the torment/ now you know it's not as bad as it seems.
  34. Love is a word that some entertain/ if you find it/ you have won the game
  35. Something in my heart died last night/ one more chip off an already broken heart/ I think the heart broke long ago/ that's when I needed you/ when I needed you most
  36. There is a danger/ and the danger was/ to fall in love