Streets I Have Lived on, Ranked

  1. 4.
    Wyndtree Drive, PA
    Current residence. Pretty boring really. Most of the people in this neighborhood are pretty well off and have huge houses. I know no one.
  2. 3.
    White Oak Drive, PA
    This is where I grew up. I think it's a drive. I can't remember. It was nice. In the woods. Quiet, until they built like 70 houses in 2 years. The majority of the people who moved there were from New York and New Jersey. It was less quiet, but the people were really nice. Our neighborhood filled up one school bus and it's not that big of a development. So two stops less than a minute away from each other was it.
  3. 2.
    17th Street, Huntingdon, PA
    This is the street my dorm was on. I lived in the same dorm all four years of college. It was basically my home. Despite the dorm being relatively shitty in many aspects I loved it.
  4. 1.
    Bachelor's Quay, Cork, Ireland
    This is where I lived for 3 months when I studied abroad. First off it's a cool name for a road. Quay is pronounced 'key' for those of you like me who didn't know. It was a nice apartment. It was right on the River Lee. It was close to everything. A 15-20 minute walk to campus, but it was a nice walk. I loved it here. I did always exit the building on Gratten Street, though.