Tasks I Would Assign to My Personal Assistant (if I Had One)

Inspired by @ListPrompts. First off they would be very well paid.
  1. Make all my appointments for me
    I have a phobia of making phone calls. Somedays I can do it, but most of the time it causes me great anxiety. This is why I haven't gone to the eye doctor in two years or found a new therapist.
  2. Be my driver
    As I don't have my license yet I would need a driver to take me to all these appointment. I would of course pay for gas!
  3. Plan my meals
    I have the worst eating habits. Tell me what to eat and when.
  4. Remove all my technology while I do my work
    I'm easily distracted. She wouldn't give my stuff back until I've reached a certain point.
  5. Kill the spiders
    Seriously. Please.
  6. Be the calm to my crazy
    Help me calm my panicked mind. Be there when I'm freaking out. Give me advice when I need it. Listen to my problems. Provide hugs.
  7. It has become clear to me I want a personal mom
    I love my mom, but we have a complicated relationship. I think I have mom issues which makes me sad and miss her.