thanksgiving...a Picture List

  1. Off to Grandma's house
  2. Timmy got Great-Grandma to feed him yogurt
  3. My Grandma makes adorable place settings
  4. The kid's table
    Aka a 23, 18, 16, and 6 year old put slightly off to the side because the main table isn't big enough. Still included in all conversation.
  5. I tried getting a family selfie. Not too bad. Not great.
  6. My dessert plate.
    Pumpkin pie, apple slices, and chocolate covered apples all covered in toasted coconut.
  7. The dessert assortment
  8. Erik serving Uncle Vince his beverage.
    Second thanksgiving at Aunt Marianne' and Uncle Carl's. Erik was helping Uncle Carl with drink prep.
  9. "Would you like a dinner mint?"
    Yes. Yes I would.
  10. Tommy watching football with his new cat friend
    Cats love him and he loves them.
  11. And finally everyone watching Inside Out together.
  12. Not pictured
    Watching the parade. PAT BENATAR! Some intense UNO playing. Lots of driving. Second thanksgiving's delicious homemade spaghetti. The infamous jello mould dessert.