1. Okay so we have 2 cars and three people who currently work, my dad, step-mom, and brother.
  2. My dad doesn't work on weekends, but my brother does and every couple weekends my step-mom does.
  3. This means my dad has to take someone to work so there is a car at home in case of an emergency and so we can do things. We have to keep the van home for the boys and their booster seats.
  4. My step-mom works 25-30 minutes away depending on traffic, and there's always traffic.
  5. My brother works no more than 10 minute away and there is never traffic.
  6. My dad insists on driving my step-mom to work. This makes absolute zero sense to me.
  7. My brother has his license so he usually drives my dad's truck. So my dad makes him take the truck and drive to work in situations like this.
  8. I don't understand why my step-mom doesn't just take the truck to work and my dad drive my brother to work.
  9. Why would you drive an hour in the morning and then an hour in the evening to pick her up? When she could drive 45 minutes to an hour total instead.
  10. And then my dad only has to drive like 30 minutes total dropping off my brother and picking him up.
  11. Like he is always talking about saving money and I'm just look at him like 😒 because you are wasting gas. Like there is no logic to this.
  12. Also when this happens. He always comes to me and asks if I can get up a 6:30 so I can watch Timmy and Erik while he is gone for an hour.
    Then he explains how I can go back to bed when he gets home, like I will actually be able to fall asleep. It takes me no less than an hour to fall asleep when I'm tired at night.
  13. He asks me this like I actually ever have a choice. I can't say "oh no dad. I can't watch them because I want to sleep. They can watch themselves."
  14. Like I don't want to sound like a whiny lazy person who wants to sleep and not help.
    I don't sleep well to begin with. So waking up a couple hours after I finally fall asleep is awful. Having to wake up isn't really the biggest issue, even though it's not great. It's just everything everyone is doing makes absolutely no sense to me. I constantly want to shake my entire family until an ounce of logic comes into their brains.
  15. I also have no idea how to deal with annoyances and frustrations so they end up as bottled rage. So every time this happens I get incredibly angry and it ruins my day and my entire mood.