1. I'm excited! I need to show my dad this immediately!
  2. Why am I excited? I never read the books even though I own them
    I don't know why I never read them. So many other books probably.
  3. Because my dad read them and that's where he got my name!
  4. I spent my entire life wanting to see someone with my name spelled the same way
    I hated my name for awhile because no one could pronounce it. It was different and no one had the same name as me. These are all reasons why I love it now.
  5. Maybe people will be able to pronounce it! And there will be merchandise with my name?!
    The struggle is real.
  6. I'm actually quite emotional about it
    I have no idea why. Maybe because I always felt some weird connection to this fictional elvish princess who I got my name from and now she's coming to life.
  7. This is Amberle
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    I cannot wait.