I had contacts for a long time but they are so expensive and I'm lazy.
  1. They are always dirty
    I don't know how. Sometimes I don't notice.
  2. They are constantly sliding down my face
    This is because Timmy constantly rips them of my face and tosses them across the room. I also fall asleep with them on sometimes.
  3. I take them off and I can't find them
    This happens more often than I would like to admit.
  4. I can't see my legs when I'm shaving
    It's all about the feel.
  5. Rain is a pain in the ass
    I need windshield wipers for my glasses
  6. Temperature changes ends up in momentary blindness
    Steam blasted from ovens, coming into a warm building after being out in the cold, putting them on after a shower, and drinking nice warm drinks. There's many more I'm sure.
  7. They get in the way when exercising
    They slide more because I'm all sweaty. Sometimes they fall off my face while doing yoga. I
  8. Safety goggles over glasses
    I've had many chemistry and biology labs. This was a struggle.
  9. Swimming is an adventure
    Stay 2 feet in front of me so I can see you. This was hard at camp while I had to be in the pool and watch the campers. Thank god there's always a lifeguard.
  10. Caving at camp was also an adventure
    We would go crawling through this dark tight cave. First it's dark. I can't see very well in the dark and flashlights only provide so much. I couldn't wear my glasses because guess what? They fog because the cave is cold and my body is warm and sweaty. Then when we get to the cool spots I can't see anything clearly because my glasses are outside the cave.
  11. Reading can be a struggle.
    Sometimes I need my glasses. Sometimes I don't. It all depends on what position I'm in and how far the book is from my face. And we all know how often the reading position changes.
  12. Every year from 2nd grade to the time I was 21 my eyes got worse and I had to get a new pair.
    I've reached the point in my life that they are finally staying the same. Now I have two pairs of glasses and I only wear the one. That is for awhile until I need reading glasses or something.
  13. UPDATE: Tear stains
    When you cry and your glasses get all stained with your tears. I don't know how I could forget this because it happens like once a week.