Inspired by @justjills
  1. Let me get this straight. I was not the one responsible, but I was there.
  2. Easter 2015.
    I never went home for Easter in college because it wasn't worth it. We got Friday off. I lived 3 1/2 hours away.
  3. Heather, Meg, and I decided to have our own little Easter.
  4. Heather and Meg lived in a dorm called Pink that was kinda like little apartments so they had kitchens.
  5. We were in Heather's apartment making dinner.
  6. Heather and Meg were having ham, but I don't eat ham so I was making myself some pan fried chicken.
  7. Heather put a small pot with oil in it on the stove. That's what her mom does
  8. I told her I just needed a pan and some oil. I like it better that way and I'm a professional
    (Not really. I just made a lot of pan fried chicken for myself when I lived in Ireland)
  9. Then her pot of oil starting boiling and I told her to take it off the stove so it would stop. I went back to making my chicken in the pan.
  10. I turn around for 1 second and she puts water in the pot
  11. 😒😑😱
  12. It starts smoking, as it would if you put water in hot oil, and she freaks out and puts it on the linoleum floor
    There is now a nice burn mark there.
  13. Meg is running around opening all the windows and then the fire alarm goes off.
  14. Heather takes her smoking pot outside and dumps it in the grass. It was fine. Just a little smoky grass.
  15. I did take my chicken off the stove before we left and turned the stove off.
  16. We stood outside and waited for public safety to come and do their walk through.
  17. So embarrassing.
  18. We went back in, finished cooking, and enjoyed our Easter dinner.
  19. I then educated Heather and Meg via YouTube videos as to why you should never put water in hot oil or on a grease fire because it blows the fuck up.
  20. Thank you Bio minor with Chemistry classes for teaching me this and allowing me to pass the knowledge onto my fellow unknowing history major friends.
  21. Then we told everyone how we (Heather) almost burnt Pink down.