1. Decorated the Christmas tree
    We only broke one ornament! I call that a success.
  2. Watched all the videos on YouTube of Enya's new album
    This begins an approximate 5 hour spiral into a hole filled with Enya that I may never return from.
  3. Listened to Enya's new album 3 times
    Dark Sky Island. I'm in love.
  4. Wondered how you pronounce Enya's name
    Eithne Ní Bhraonáin. I'm constantly wondering how you pronounce Irish names.
  5. Read too many articles on Enya's new album
    I can't stop myself.
  6. Googled Enya too many times
    Holy shit she has a lot of siblings and they all are musically talented.
  7. Checked out Clannad because I had to. Thanks Enya.
    I could get behind them. Will investigate further after all this Enya excitement within me calms down.
  8. Moved on to TV watching
  9. Cried while watching Last Tango In Halifax for the third time
    Why do I put myself through this?
  10. Had to stop watching Last Tango In Halifax because I was getting upset
    So much pain.
  11. Now I'm rewatching Happy Valley
    Clearly I love Sarah Lancashire. Clearly I also hate myself because despite the name its not going to to make me happy.
  12. Just going to sit here in a pile of my emotions
    Good day all.