Thanks @biz!
  1. I love very easily
    It is not hard for me to love people. This isn't even in a romantic way (I do that fairly easily as well). Seriously if you are a genuine and kind person I can't help but love you. To me it always feels creepy to tell people I love them, but I mean it when I say it. I really do. This world need more love and people need to know they are loved even if it's by little me. ❤️
  2. I'm smart
    This is really hard for me because I know I am smart, but I always feel like I'm not smart enough. I was a good student. I know some stuff and I'm proud of some of the stuff I've done.
  3. I always want to learn more
    I'm so glad I'm not a person who is content sitting and not knowing more about anything other than what they currently know. If college was free I'd probably never leave just so I could take every class. I really love learning new things.
  4. I'm an open person
    I used to be a very closed off child who didn't tell anyone anything. Now I will answer almost any question about myself. I will talk about my mental illnesses if you ask. I will talk about my sexuality. I will talk about religion. I'm open to politics. I don't like talking about it much because I feel like I don't know enough even though I try to stay in the loop. There's just so much. I'm always down for deep conversations.
  5. I'm good with people
    For being a relatively shy person I think I get along with people fairly well. I can work in groups. I can sit and listen to people. I think my job at camp made me good at this because I was working with people all day for three months straight.
  6. I like helping people
    I really do. There's nothing more rewarding than helping someone. From picking something up that they dropped to helping someone take a shower. It makes me feel so warm inside when I help someone.
  7. I'm good with kids
    I love kids. They are hilarious and adorable. I love playing with them, carrying them around, and I am not afraid to change their diaper. I will also be overly dramatic around them and make funny faces and talk in funny voices to make them laugh, because children laughing makes me so very happy.
  8. My body
    It took awhile to accept my body and even like it. I have thin curly hair, I've inherited my grandpa's big Greek nose, my lips will never be kissably smooth because they are scarred and chapped from years of picking the skin off of them, I have hair on my tummy, I have a flat butt, and it's all okay.