1. Aliens
    Yo space is so freaking big how could we be the only living beings in all of the universe? I doubt any have come to earth because that's a far travel. If they have, why haven't they come and talked to me? I open for discussion outer space friends! The topic of aliens often followed by the baffling thought of how big space is. It hurts my brain but it is so exciting.
  2. God/Religion
    I don't believe in a god, but I often think about people who believe in God and how we are different. What makes a person believe in God and what makes a person not believe? I also think religion is fascinating and want to learn about all types of religions. I want to learn about their histories, beliefs, and how they are similar or different from other religions. So if you have any interesting books, sites, or articles about your religion tell me!
  3. My future
    This happens on a daily basis. What do I want to do and who do I want to be? Can I be who I want to be? Am I good enough? How many children do I want? What will their possible names be? Where do I want to live? How will this all happen? Any possible question about the future I will probably have thought about it.