Things I Think About While Watching Criminal Minds

I love this show and I'm a couple seasons behind so I've been doing a binge watch from the beginning to catch up. All of these go through my head every episode at some point
  1. Penelope Garcia is a gift from the gods
  2. Derek Morgan could probably get with this
  3. Emily Prentiss could also probably get with this but I also want to be her because she's a badass
  4. Serial killers are terrifying
  5. Yet they are so fascinating.
  6. I'm never living by myself. Ever
  7. Do the writers think of this stuff or do they pull this from actual events? Scratch that I don't really want to know.
  8. I'm more afraid of the dark now.
  9. How come Reid's brain doesn't spontaneously combust?
  10. I want to read and comprehend as fast as Reid. Think of all the books! But I also want to slowly enjoy them. Does Reid slow down and enjoy?
  11. I love Reid. He so excited about every fact he tells.
  12. I don't know why I love JJ, but I do. I think probably because I feel like I could tell her all of my problems and she would hug me and everything in the world would be okay
  13. Side note: I'm on season six and I miss JJ every episode she's not in.
  14. This is why I keep having weird dreams and nightmares. But I can't stop. Won't stop.