This entire situation
  1. I fell asleep at approximately 4:45 am
    Because I can't fucking fall asleep at a decent time anymore because my brain refuses to turn off and I cannot get comfortable.
  2. I'm woken up by my brother leaving for work at 5:30 am
    No fault of his. I always wake up when he leaves.
  3. My father comes in and wakes me up at 6:30 to tell me I need to get up because he is taking my step mom to work and Timmy and Erik will probably be up soon
    For fucks sake
  4. Both Timmy and Erik are awake within 10 minutes of him leaving
  5. Timmy has done nothing but yell at me since he has gotten up
    He's a delight 😑
  6. They will not stop talking about nana and pop-pops house
    We are going out to dinner with them. You are not going to their house. No pop pop isn't coming to get you. Please stop speaking.
  7. I went back upstairs the second my dad walked back in 5 minutes ago.
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    He's probably not pleased about this
  8. I just want to sleep, but it's going to take me forever to go back to sleep now
    I hate everything
  9. It's fucking pouring outside and it is so fucking windy
    Has nothing to do with the situation but annoying nevertheless because it's fucking January and I heard thunder. This is not normal and annoys me right now.
  10. To say the least I'm a grumpy and tired lady