1. You tell people you graduated in May. Then they ask what college you're going to.
    Let me rephrase. I graduated college in May.
  2. In a similar situation, sometimes you say you graduated in May and are applying to schools. They assume you just graduated high school and are looking for colleges. They ask you what kind of school you are looking for.
    Ahh yes, let me rephrase yet again. I graduated college in May. I'm applying to grad schools.
  3. The constant and utter shock when you tell people that you are actually 23.
    "Oh my God. I thought you were 17!!"
  4. Everyone thinks all your younger siblings are older than you.
    Okay in their defense, my one sister is 15 months younger than me and most of the time my 18 year old brother looks like a 30 year old cave man because of his beard. Not in their defense, my actual 17 year old sister is not my age and I am not hers.
  5. You get carded going into pubs in Ireland to make sure you're 18.
    You're 21.