Things That I Used to Worry About When I Was Younger That I Don't Now

  1. Shaving
    I was in 3rd grade when my black hair started growing on my legs. I was so self conscious about it. It wasn't until college I stopped caring. I don't shave if I don't want to. I like having smooth legs when I wear skirts or dresses. So I shave then. I'll shave if I have time and I want to. If I don't have time I'm not worried.
  2. Good grades
    I was obsessed with getting all A's in high school. I'm not saying I don't worry about my grades. I want to get good grades, but I'm not worried about getting perfect grades. My grades don't define who I am. I got a D+ in O Chem 2. I'm proud because I tried and I didn't quit. I had the choice of dropping it, but I stuck with it and gave it my all. I also got a D in Bio 3. It was after I got out of the hospital. I wasn't great mentally, but I studied hard and I got through. I'm proud.
  3. Showering
    I felt like I needed to shower everyday. If I don't need to I don't. If I'm not going out I don't. I'm not wasting water if I don't have to shower.
  4. My hair
    I thought my hair needed to be perfect. I was super jealous of everyone else's perfect hair. (I still am.) But I've accepted that my hair will never be a thick, beautiful mane. It will get really wavy/curly of I let it air dry. It's thin and frizzy. It's got practically no volume. I also am totally down with trying new hair styles because I know it grows back. I still can't go super short. That still scares me.
  5. Makeup
    I wore makeup everyday in high school. I wanted to fit in and feel pretty. I do feel prettier with makeup sometimes. I don't wear makeup at all if I don't have to, which is like 95% of the time. Mostly for special occasions when I get dressed up. It just takes too much time and I'm not great at putting it on. Also I hate having to take it off. I'm lazy.
  6. My Boobs
    Don't get me wrong, I love my boobs. I had practically no boobs most of my life and I was really self conscious about it. I was just barely a B cup my senior year of high school. I stopped caring because I had a boyfriend who liked me and my B cup boobs. Then by the time I was 20 they had grown to D cups. Mother Nature is hilarious. They are great even though I have to hold them when they are sore to walk down the stairs because it hurts when they move.