1. Women's jeans
    None of those shitty fake or small pockets.
  2. Cardigans
    Big cardigans should always have pockets to warm your hands in.
  3. Coats
    See cardigans.
  4. Dresses
    Clearly not some form fitting dresses because it would look like you have some kind of tumor. Flowy dresses though, there is plenty of room for pockets!
  5. Women's Blazers
    Stop it with the fake pockets!
  6. Sweatpants
    To hold my stuff because I'm not wearing jeans. Also see cardigans.
  7. Women's dress pants
    Most of the pockets on my work pants were sewn shut. And they're so tiny my pager (yes hospitals still use pagers) and phone do not fit! Even Chapstick is kinda weird profile
    Suggested by @femme_brewer