1. Days 1-2: Someone remove my uterus
    This is not a viable option, but it is something that happens the first day every time.
  2. I want a baby
    You are 23 and live with your parents and are not mentally ready for children. Body no. This started 2 years ago and gets worse the older I get. 😑
  3. Leave me here to die
    I am an absolute baby when it comes to cramps. I say this approximately every hour for the first 2 days.
  4. What did I do to deserve this?
  5. I'm so sad. The world is in ruins.
  6. Why am I crying?
    This is usually because my anxiety is like 100 times worse before and when I'm on my period.
  7. No one loves me
    Also anxiety. I get extremely self- conscious and need approval that people still like me.
  8. I want to kill someone
    My mood swings are awful. Little things make me incredibly angry.
  9. I'm so tired. I'm not moving. I'm going to sleep for the next 5-7 days.
  10. Why along with all this period crap does my stomach have to hurt?
    The first 2-3 days I have zero appetite and my stomach hurts. Whatever unknown stomach problems I have intensify during this time.
  11. How do people function like this?!
    The first 2-3 days I can be pretty non-functioning. My anxiety is awful, I'm in a ball because of cramps, and my stomach is killing me.
  12. Post day 3: This is now an inconvenience.
    *eats and entire party sized bag of cool ranch Doritos*