Inspired by @ListPrompts. A general outline of what happens almost every night.
  1. I'm very hungry.
  2. What am I going to eat tomorrow?
  3. Eggs. An egg sandwich. I love eggs.
  4. I'm now even more hungry.
  5. What am I going to do tomorrow?
  6. Probably nothing because I'm a piece of shit.
  7. I have to organize my loan stuff. So far I'm good, but organization.
  8. Should I do it now?
  9. No. It's too late and this anxiety is too crippling.
  10. I need to get my drivers license.
  11. But that's very scary. And I need to get a replacement social security card.
  12. This is so much work. I'm very stressed now.
  13. What if I don't get into grad school?
  14. I'm not that great. They probably won't accept me. What will I do with my life then.
  15. That reminds me I have do those scholarship applications.
  16. Should I do them now?
  17. Nope too much anxiety.
  18. Why can't I turn my brain off at night?
  19. Just lay and watch The X-Files, beebs.
  20. Gillian Anderson is so pretty.
  21. Oh my god I'm going to meet her in May.
  22. So much excitement. And so much anxiety.
  23. What if I say something stupid? What if I have a panic attack? That would be so embarrassing.
  24. Stop thinking.
  25. Shut your eyes and count.
  26. *counts*
  27. While counting, brain is also thinking about something else at the same time.
  28. Counts to about 400, loses place, and starts over.
  29. Eventually falls asleep.