I'm doing this while drinking.
  1. This is going to cause me physical pain as a history and anthropology major.
  2. First off, The History Channel is an embarrassment to history, historians, history students, basically the world.
  3. Oh fuck it's about evolution and creation stories. Here we go.
    "Aliens and the Creation of Man"
  4. Starting in the Malapa Caves in South Africa
    Very interested in hominids. They are going to ruin it. I can feel it.
  5. Sup Darwin
  6. Mankind came about because of extraterrestrial interference. This is where we are going with this.
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  7. Apparently over time humans are the only ones who've really changed and other things in nature really haven't changed
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    I'm no expert, but I think many animals have evolved alongside us and have changed a lot. Like we're talking millions of years of evolution people like I'm telling you I don't think earth 2 million years ago earth looked even close to what it does today.
  8. I'm going to need more to drink
  9. Oh my god
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  11. For reals though you believe they've been manipulating our dna for thousands of years?
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  12. We have now moved on to religion.
  13. I feel like everyone thinks that modern man just appeared one day and not over time.
  14. They keep talking about the start of human intelligence like it just was put into one person.
  15. I'm dying
  16. "The whole idea or concept of satan is based on a misunderstood visit by extraterrestrials in the remote past."
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    -Giorgio A. Tsouklaos everyone
  17. I just loled so hard at that
  18. There's fucking 10 seasons of this show. Kill me now.
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  19. Okay so all the ancient cultures say gods gave them language. Must be aliens.
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  20. If you want to get drunk drink every time "ancient astronaut theorists" are mentioned.
  21. Seriously who are the people who talk on this show. I'm specifically looking at you couple of anthropologists
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  22. This was supposed to be the ultimate evidence. I'm seeing a lot of nothing
  23. I'm all about us not being the only living things in the universe because the universe is fucking huge, but this is just ridiculous.
  24. I'm going to have to make a Dana Scully reaction list.