I'm doing this for you Essie Davis.
  1. A first grader made those weapons?! I find this unlikely.
    I couldn't build it, but that not a great comparison. I can't build much of anything.
  2. We are ten minutes in and this kid is an absolute shit.
    He needs some therapy.
  3. Where did this book come from?
    Did it just appear? It's kinda fucked up.
  4. And she's masturbating.
    And her son walked in. Way to ruin her alone time kid.
  5. I don't think Essie Davis is wearing any makeup. She's still gorgeous!
  6. This kid has some serious problems. He threw a fucking firecracker at his mother.
  7. Movies like this are the reason I could not be the only adult in a house. I'm terrified of being alone in a house at night.
  8. Was there a fucking mom dress code for this kid's birthday party?
  9. I will never look at a pop-up book the same
  10. I love a good old fashioned book burning.
  11. That phone call. And nope. I'm out. Bye 👋🏻
  12. Okay he's in the room and that voice. I'm actually about to cry.
  13. She just chilling in the empty bathtub. Seems legit.
    Oh never mind it was full of water. She just has all her clothes on. Still seems legit.
  14. "And you deliberately disobeyed me."
    Calm down Mufasa.
  15. Okay Samuel has been prepared for this moment his whole life.
    Like 7 year old me would not have been able to stab my mother and then tie her up. I would have died.
  16. My biggest fear is to be dragged away by an unknown force.
    I actually can't sleep with my feet hanging off the bed for this reason.
  17. Quick question. Why does this thing sound like a dinosaur. Creepy voice is worse. Velociraptor noise. Not scary for me.
  18. She's keeping it in her basement and feeding it worms? What?
  19. I want to know what it looks like.
  20. Not a scary as my brain worked it up to be