I don't do scary movies.
  1. This is me at the start
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  2. I already know the dead is going to come alive somehow based on the title.
  3. Not scared yet because it's science but there's plenty of time for fear.
  4. The dead dog is alive. He's cured!
    But this is very questionable science. Playing with the dead is always a bad idea.
  5. Zombie dog not scary
    Maybe a little but that's because of my fear of big dogs.
  6. What happened to Lazarus after he was brought back to life?
    Just wondering because of the title. My bible knowledge is limited.
  7. They are going to bring that chick back to life and it isn't going to be good.
  8. She's using a lot of brain.
  9. She just midnight-ed her husband.
    Don't get it. Watch the episode of Doctor Who called Midnight. It's in season 4. It's amazing.
  10. Okay this dream state is weird. Why can she pull people into her hell? Not great.
  11. Zoe's eyes being all black eyes is the creepiest thing so far.
  12. And she's killing people.
    Well she killed the black guy. I'm so shocked. I never would have expected that. That never happens. *sarcasm*
  13. Evan Peters is now dead.
  14. This is like some Carrie shit
    I've never actually seen or read Carrie. I'm just making assumptions about telepaths.
  15. You all are going to die.
  16. Girl you do not need more of that serum shit
  17. Did this happen to Lazarus?
  18. Kinda creepy now that it's just super serum Zoe and poor terrified Eva.
  19. Kinda like demon possession now.
    I can't do that shit. Creepy voice and prayers.
  20. Let's not pretend we didn't know little Zoe started the fire. Very expected.
  21. Okay wasn't expecting that. Making it seem like Eva defeated her and then didn't.
    That's rude Zoe.
  22. And now she's turning them all too.
  23. That was it.
  24. That was not scary at all. Creep factor like highest a 4 because of creepy demon prayer voice and black eyes.