Guys I don't have sons or daughters but I have 5 younger siblings and they are all my babies. No matter how old they are. Inspired by @shanaz and all you others.
  1. Rachel- 22 years old
  2. She's been the manager for University of Pittsburgh's wrestling team since her freshman year
    This is her last year. I don't know how she does it.
  3. She's super athletic
    She's an exercise science major. She's played soccer, softball, field hockey, and she did high jump, shot put, and javelin for track and field. She's training for her first half marathon. She's working this semester at a company in their gym. I don't really know. She also worked with kids doing fitness programs. She could 100% beat me up in less than 1 minute. I suggest she becomes my personal trainer.
  4. She was my best friend my whole life
    She's 15 months younger than me. We were incredibly close, but also had our moments of not getting along. She supported me. And still does. I'm the shy one who didn't have many friends. She's very outgoing and always let me join in with her friends. Even now. I went to Pitt's homecoming last year and all her friends welcomed me. She also talks to people at stores for me if I can't.
  5. Tommy- 18 years old
  6. He's got a ridiculous beard
    As you can see. He's had it for about a year and a half now at least. I believe his beard is responsible for everyone mistaking him for being at least 5 years older than me. The weird thing is he has orange/red beard hairs.
  7. He is a man of few word
    He is quite funny when he decides he would like to speak. When he's with his friends he is hilarious. Most of the time he keeps to himself.
  8. He's quite a good drawer
    He's filled more sketch books in the past year and a half than I've had in my lifetime. He draws a lot of anime characters.
  9. Jeni- 17 years old
  10. She is crafty af
    Like she could probably make anything if she wanted to. She has her own sewing machine, lots of craft stuff, and could decorate a cake like a boss. It's kinda ridiculous.
  11. She's a badass
    She's been throwing shot put on the varsity track and field team since her freshman year. She wants to be a special agent in the FBI. She super smart and good at practically all subjects. It's unreal.
  12. She reads a lot
    She reads way more then me. She downloads books on her kindle and reads them in a day or two. Like she would destroy me in any sort of reading challenge.
  13. Timmy- 6 years old
  14. He's very independent
    He likes to do everything himself. Until he realized he's gotten himself in over his head. Like when he tries to get the gallon of chocolate milk out of the fridge and it's too heavy and he's stuck holding it half in the fridge.
  15. He likes things a certain way and does things in certain ways
    Before a shower he goes to the bathroom, but before he does that he has to stand on the scale naked, asks what it says, sprays the air freshener, then goes to the bathroom. Bathroom door must me shut, rug outside the shower has to be in a certain place, and the shower door must me shut. It's a process. He also likes things to be clean. He uses no less than 5 napkins ever meal.
  16. He now calls me Mr. Bebe
    Not really a fact about him, but it's adorable and I love it and he should call me this for the rest of my life.
  17. Erik- 6 years old
  18. He loves dressing up!
    He always wants to look handsome especially on holidays or if he's seeing family. He likes dressing up when he's playing. This is usually a cape. If I leave a sweater downstairs there is a 100% chance the next day he will be wearing it while he's playing. He particularly loves my white sweater because it fits him like it would fit an adult in a lab coat.
  19. He's in karate
    He loves it and is getting quite good. He's passed every belt test he's had so far. Im very proud of him!
  20. He calls everything a movie
    No matter how many times you tell him that it's a tv show or a YouTube video he will call it a movie. He calls the list on the DVR "the movie holder." Well he isn't entirely wrong.