#draftmas. This has been in there for quite awhile. For a person who cries whenever other people cry I don't often cry while watching stuff. It's only happened a handful of times. Sad and happy tears, but mostly sad. All of these are spoilery if you haven't seen them. Proceed with caution.
  1. "Daybreak"- Series finale of Battlestar Galactica
    First of all I was already upset knowing that this was the last episode of this beautiful TV show. But when Laura Roslin said "So much life..." and slowly passed away while Adama talked to her. I balled like the fucking baby I truly am. Like face was stiff and glasses tear spotted.
  2. "100"- Criminal Minds
    When Foyet kills Haley while Hotch and the entire team listen, tears were shed. Who wouldn't cry? That entire scene was emotional.
  3. The Bridge To Terabithia
    I think everyone cried while watching this. I saw this in theaters with my mom and sister. We were all a mess. If you didn't cry you may be a psychopath.
  4. Last Tango In Halifax
    Season 1 Finale: When Caroline and Celia fight. Kate leaves Caroline and Alan leaves Celia. And everyone is hurt and it's awful. Season 3 Episode 3: When Kate dies after her and Caroline get married. Caroline's muffled cries from behind the hospital door. That hurt me and basically every episode after that because Caroline was sad and it was awful. Also anytime Caroline or Gillian cries because I love them so much.
  5. River
    Season 1 Finale: The dance scene between Stevie and River. It was so cute and River was so happy yet it was all in his head and nothing could ever come of it which was heartbreaking.
  6. The X-Files
    "William" because Scully has this beautiful boy and she has to give him up. SCULLY DID NOT DESERVE ANY OF THIS! I also get very emotional whenever Scully is emotional or when ever Scully and Mulder touch. So like every episode.
  7. Doctor Who
    Two times. The first time was "Journey's End" because Donna saved the entire universe and doesn't get to remember it, but before she forgets she knows what is going to happen and it's heartbreaking. Donna didn't get a happy ending. The other was "The Husbands of River Song" because River is my love and everything was so beautiful and sad.
  8. The Bridges of Madison County
    I cry every time I watch this movie while I yell at Francesca to get out of the car. I cannot help it.