Tv Show Spin-offs That I Love

  1. Major Crimes/ Spin-Off of The Closer
    It's like The Closer never ended, but it's completely different show. There's still the same team, but lead by Sharon instead of Brenda. I can't decide if I like Brenda or Sharon more. I think I love them equally.
  2. NCIS/ Spin-off of JAG
    NCIS was one of the first crime shows I watched and I loved it. I still do, despite being approximately 5 seasons behind. I have seen a fair amount of JAG which I think was an awesome show and should probably do a formal watch of it all.
  3. Stargate Atlantis/ Spin-Off of Stargate SG-1
    My dad introduced me to Stargate as a kid. I remember watching Stargate Atlantis as it aired and I remember when it premiered. I did an official watch two years ago as I forgot everything. I had completely forgot about the Wraith I probably blocked it out of my easily scared child mind.
  4. Private Practice/ Spin-Off of Grey's Anatomy
    I specifically watched this because of my undying love of Addison. I did quickly fall in love with Violet and Charlotte as well.
  5. Law & Order SVU/ Spin-Off of Law & Order
    Okay I've never actually watched all of it from the beginning. I'm one of those SVU marathon and rerun watchers. Doesn't mean I don't love Olivia Benson with all my heart.
  6. Ashes to Ashes/ Spin-Off of Life on Mars
    I have never seen Life on Mars but I watched Ashes to Ashes on Netflix while in Ireland and thought it was awesome. I actually want to do a rewatch.
  7. Xena: Warrior Princess/ Spin-Off of Hercules: The Legendary Journeys
    I haven't finished watching Xena and I've never seen Hercules. But Xena is so historically inaccurate and kinda bad that it makes it so good. Xena and Gabrielle are lesbians. End of story.