1. There's music for my every mood
    There's songs for happy dancing, songs for crying, and songs for when I'm angry. Whatever I'm feeling there is a song that I can listen to and relate to.
  2. Music can bring me back to a certain time and a certain place in a matter of seconds.
    There are certain songs that when I hear I'm instantly brought back to walking to class in Ireland or writing my thesis or sitting at camp.
  3. It helps me focus
    I listen to music when I'm doing homework, when I'm writing, and when I'm painting or drawing. It blocks out the rest of the world and I can focus on what I'm doing.
  4. It calms my anxiety
    Putting in headphones and listening to my playlist for calming down is sometimes the only thing that helps relax me when I'm really anxious.
  5. There is so much music out there
    You can find a new song everyday to fall in love with for the rest of your life.