1. First off, I want to be cremated. Preferably in one of those crematorium places that use the energy and shit to power stuff. Let's not waste all my burning energy now.
  2. I want half of my ashes to go into one of those little pod things that grow into a tree so I can provide oxygen for all y'all future humans out there. Make sure I'm something cool like a fucking big ass willow tree not a shrub.
  3. The other half I want sent into fucking space. My living self will never be able to go to space but my ashes sure as hell will. And I'm not talking that cheap shit. I'm talking about sending my flaky remains to deep space so I can chill with my alien friends 👽
  4. Also if there's going to be any sort of grave stone under my name and dates it needs to have this lyric on it: "Never have I been a blue calm sea. I have always been a storm." And it should be quoted as from "My Lord and Savior, Stevie Nicks."
  5. That is all.