1. Actor
    As a kid this is what I wanted to do. I made up plays with my sister and friends and I was the star, the writer, and the director.
  2. Forensic Scientist
    After I started watching CSI in 7th grade I became fascinated in the world of forensics and crime solving. It just pulled the 12 year old me in and there was no going back.
  3. Forensic Anthropologist
    From the premiere of Bones I watched in 8th grade I knew this is what I wanted to do. This was the forensics I was into.
  4. High School Biology Teacher
    I love biology. For a brief time my freshman year of college I wanted to teach biology until I realized I couldn't do anthropology too.
  5. Archaeologist
    After biology teacher went out the door I thought a perfect combination of my love of history, anthropology, and biology could be put to use as an archaeologist who specialized in human remains.
  6. Medical Anthropologist
    My senior year of college I thought this would be good for me. Biology was rough for me in college and I figured this would be easier. I had no self confidence. It would still has an aspect of biology and science, but still very culturally focused and I could help people.
  7. Forensic Anthropologist cont.
    Now that I have taken some time off and thought about what I really want to do Forensic Anthropology is it. I've wanted to do this for the longest time. Forensics has always been something I was interested in and anthropology is my love. I doubted myself and I'm tired of that. I'm now applying to master's programs to start this part of my life that was clearly destined to happen.