A follow up to what my OCD is.
  1. Quirky
    OCD, particularly the compulsion aspect, is not just a quirk. It's not something I can just stop. Everybody has strange habits, but comparing compulsions to these habits makes it seem like the anxiety associated with with the compulsion is not real. At least for me it does.
  2. An adjective
    OCD is not an adjective to describe yourself and your weird habits, desire for organization, or what ever else you use it to describe. It's NOT an adjective. It is a legitimate mental illness that makes thousands of people's lives difficult. Actually just stop using any mental illness as an adjective to describe yourself or other people if you are not actually suffering from it. Just stop.
  3. Fun
    Nothing about OCD is fun. Yes sometimes it can lead to a clean room or organized notes which seems nice. It's not fun when anything on your floor keeps you awake because it might prevent you from escaping in case of an emergency even though a stray sock really won't get in your the way in case of a fire. It's not fun when writing your notes you have to erase and rewrite the same letter or word because it doesn't look right. Your notes may look nice but you wasted at least 5 minutes on that.
  4. A joke
    Don't joke about anyone's mental illness. Mental illnesses aren't jokes. They are serious. I joke about my OCD and anxiety which could be confusing to some people. I know how serious mental illness is. I know how serious mine is. I am only making light of my experiences. No one else's. I would never do that. For me I'm joking about it as a way to cope. If I put my OCD down it makes me the stronger one. If you make a joke about my OCD you've crossed a line. If you don't understand. Ask about it.
  5. Organization & Cleanliness
    I think the biggest misconception is that people with OCD are clean and organized. They don't like messes or germs. While some people with OCD are, not all of us are. I used to have to pick up everything off my floor and everything needed to be organized in some sort of pattern. I broke that. I'm a very messy person. Germs do scare me. Things that are dirty are cleaned so I don't get sick. That's common sense. The things I organize are not because of my OCD. It's because it makes life easier.
  6. The only part of me
    I feel this goes for anyone with any type of mental illness. My OCD is not what defines me. It is a part of me I live with. I'm open about it to educate people and because keeping it a secret makes me feel isolated. It helps me talking about it. But there is more to me than my OCD! I can draw and paint. Books are a passion. I love learning about history and cultures. I can write a decent essay. I'm good with kids. I am smart. And I think I'm a fun person to be around.