For my 100th list! I follow a lot of people and I love them all, but we all have our favorites.
  1. Probably one of the first person to follow me. Actually the sweetest person. ❤️
  2. Biz is awesome! I love Biz! Every time I see Biz. In my head I'm like BIZZZZ!!!!
  3. This chick is hilarious and for some reason wants me in her girl squad. I don't know why but I'm honored. 👯
  4. She likes The X-Files therefore I know we could be friends. 👽
  5. Awesome person! I still want to be her friend even though I'm awful at talking to people. 👋🏻 HI
  6. Awesome lists! I know she gives good advice based on this list SO YOU WANT TO GET MARRIED? BUT YOU'RE IN A DEAD END RELATIONSHIP?? LISTEN UP 👰🏻. It helped me a lot!
  7. ALWAYS entertaining!
  8. @clairewentthere and @alligeeshow
    I feel like they come in a pair. Both have great lists. I don't know how cool their kids think they are, but I think they are hella cool. 💃🏻
  9. She's a doctor in South Africa. I find reading her lists of all the emergency patients that come in very interesting. Doctors and nurses are amazing! I don't know how they do it.
  10. Absolutely hilarious. I feel like she's a blast to hang out with. Secretly want to be her friend. I guess it's no longer a secret.
  11. She's cool, she's sweet, and she's smart!
  12. @Photokenesis
    Great lists! His photo lists are Amazing!
  13. She's an anthropologist therefore I instantly love since I studied anthropology. I wish I could take one of her classes!
  14. I think she's a very caring person. I really like her and she has very good lists!