My six year old brother Timmy has Down Syndrome and he is awesome!
  1. He's freaking adorable!
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    All people with Down Syndrome are adorable to be honest. Look at him!
  2. He is incredibly loving!
    He loves giving hugs and kisses on the cheek. He loves cuddling.
  3. He's always happy!
    He's always smiling. Sometimes he gets frustrated when he can't do things, but he wants to do everything himself. Really when he isn't happy is when he's in trouble. When he's happy and he's laughing it brightens my day!
  4. He loves taking pictures!
    He's like Oprah. You get a picture with Timmy and you get a picture with Timmy!
  5. He's super smart!
    He's in kindergarten now. He has trouble writing and sometimes he's hard to understand when he speaks, but he knows what is being taught. He knows his numbers and letters and colors and shapes like every other kid in kindergarten. He's in an all integrated class which my parents fought for and he is doing great!
  6. He is super silly!
    He talks with funny voices, makes funny faces, and loves doing goofy things.
  7. He loves music and loves to dance!
    He loves all music. You play it and he'll dance. My brother got him head banging to Metallica and I've had him Stevie twirl to Fleetwood Mac. But his personal favorite is It's a Small World.
  8. He loves food!
    He could probably beat you in a yogurt eating contest. That's his favorite food. Also if there is dip or something that food could be dipped in, even if it isn't dip, he will take the closest food and dip it in it. And he will love it. Even if it's gross.
  9. He likes cleaning!
    He will Clorox wipe your house for you.
  10. He love animals!
    He really does. If you ask him what his favorite animal is he will say doggies (which he is both fascinated by and terrified of) or cows and pigs. Those come together.
  11. He's taught me a lot!
    He's taught me patience. He also has ADHD which makes him very impulsive. He does a lot of ridiculous things that can make you very frustrated, but patience goes a long way. Taking care of and living with someone with special needs is hard but also so rewarding and always an adventure!