Based on people I know
  1. 12. SCORPIO
    Generally mean and stubborn and terrible. But there are a few gems.
  2. 11. Gemini
    I don't know that many but I'm not a huge fan. Also they are very defensive of their sign
  3. 10. Cancer
    Idk I've just never met one I really connect with that well
  4. 9. Leo
    Try too hard
  5. 8. Capricorn
    This is actually my moon sign but I've met some weirdos that I've just known were Caps and I was right
  6. 7. Aries
    I love them but the temper thing is 100% true
  7. 6. Libra
    I don't know a ton of them but I like the idea
  8. 5. Taurus
    2 of the most precious people I know are Taurus'. I don't think I've ever met one I didn't like
  9. 4. Pisces
    Sweet emotional babies
  10. 3. Sagittarius
    Some of the most precious people I know
  11. 2. Aquarius
    My sign. Every Aquarius is lovely and great
  12. VIRGO
    Almost every person who I feel like an instant amazing connection with is a Virgo. A huge percentage of the people I love most are Virgos. There's probably a good chance we'll get along well if you're a Virgo.