Top 11 football players by position for 2015/16

  1. Gianluigi Buffon: still an amazing stopper, will fight for CL glory next term
    One of many season highlights was Gigi's double save from a penalty kick to secure victory and the league title against Fiorentina in April
  2. LB: Jordi Alba: great speed and decisiveness, solid defending and dangerous on the break
  3. CB: Sergio Ramos: fast and tough as nails, with plenty of attitude to unsettle the opposition
  4. CB: Thiago Silva: solid, strong and great awareness
  5. RB: Dani Alves: fast and tireless, end to end action
  6. LM: Cristiano Ronaldo: 2nd only to Messi, a must have on anyone's list
  7. CM: Paul Pogba: technically gifted, tenacious, superb vision
  8. CM: Luka Modric: intelligent, creative, incisive passing ability, underrated in my opinion
  9. RM: Angel DiMaria: fluid movement on and off the ball, creative and extremely dangerous in attack
  10. Support striker: Lionel Messi: arguably the greatest ever, needs a World Cup trophy to make it official
  11. Target striker: Luis Suarez: a true goal scorer, predatory, great skill with the ball at his feet, instinctively in the right place at the right time