These breaks are well known so I'm not giving away any secrets, I have a few of those that I'll keep to myself for now…. These are waves that I have experienced over the years, all in the Western Hemisphere, some with the added bonus of being in amazing, beautiful locations:
  1. 13: Rodanthe- an east coast fav, on its best days this sandbar offers A-frame barrels, miles of unridden peaks, dolphins, sea turtles and clear warm Gulf Stream waters
  2. 12: Blacks- my pick of SoCal for its chunky rights and lefts over sandy bottom, clear water, dolphins, and cliffs. Get there early or during afternoon onshores to avoid the crowds
  3. 11: Huanchaco- had this wave to myself so I'll make you search for it. Left point break that was very long and very rippable at 3-4', I'd love to see what it does on a bigger swell...I'm sure it's sharky so....
  4. 10: Ho'okipa- this Maui cove has a few different peaks to choose from, the right point is usually crowded so I avoided it. Surfed the inside bowls one day that I thought was big, until a huge set rolled in that closed out the whole horizon and washed me up on the beach!
  5. 9: Zippers- so fun, so consistent during the right season. I made good friends here and surfed with some legends of the sport.
  6. 8: Praia da Rosa- this place is a true gem, crystalline rights and lefts over sand. Uncrowded barrels in the cove and burrowing owls on the point.
  7. 7: Coco Pipe- beginners beware, fast and hollow both ways over shallow coral and sea urchins. Well worth it if you can stay on your board.
  8. 6: Punta de Lobos- spectacular cliffs and rocks frame this world-class left point break, the Lobos are big sea lions!
  9. 5: Pavones- another left point, but this one is warm and inviting. Can get crowded but who cares when everyone is smiling!
  10. 4: Dominical- beach break with some lefts, mostly rights, really warm and fun
  11. 3: Playa Hermosa- Favorite beach break, like Dominical, but Hermosa is faster, meatier, A-frames that barrel and pack a punch. Sea turtles and miles of uncrowded peaks
  12. 2: Salsa Brava- right reef that needs 3-4' to start working, epic drops and barrels at 6-8'! Not for beginners!
  13. 1: Matapalo- number one is all rights, wild jungle beach with macaws, monkeys and jaguars. The first peak is a reef with fast and fun sections on the rocks. Next is a beach bowl that reminds me of Log Cabins without a crowd. And the icing on the cake is the 100 yard long point break with a variety of sections to provide hours of ecstasy! Sharky!
  14. Honorable mention: Puerto Escondido- Mexican pipeline, a good swell makes the beach shake with the explosions of waves breaking over sand bottom, lefts and rights...lots of juice, you will get pounded!