I am generally a confident girl. I know that when I walk into a room I have the full capability to make what I need out of it. But there are times where that feeling doesn't exist and instead of confidence, full fledged anxiety takes place...
  1. Big groups of girls
    I don't know of anything that scares me more. From empty compliments, lame useless jokes and conversations about people that mean nothing to me, these girl group interactions make my heart race and my mind blank in an instance
  2. Math tests
    How did I do in my culture test last week? Oh I got a 92. How did I do on my math exam last year? Oh I got a 53... After studying 3xs more than I usually do. Math brings out the most confused and scared side of me. If you want to ensue panic in my life, just ask me to solve for y.
  3. Friends that don't like me like I like them
    Oh shoot that's a big one. Relationships are crucial in my life and they drain a lot of my energy (in a really good way!!) so when I'm getting that feeling that the it's mutual, I get scared that I wasted energy on nothing. Heavy stuff... Woof!!
  4. Subway platforms
    OMG!! OKAY OMG. I am the girl who has read EVERY article about the HORRIBLE instances that evil people will push innocent bystanders to the bottom just to face an out of world experience of fear and death. So if you pass that yellow line, you better know my hands start to get sweaty.
  5. Not reaching my potential
    I have a LOT of opportunity in my life. I have been given more than I can deserve... And because of this, I am responsible of taking advantage of that and growing into my creativity. That's a lot to ask of me... But this one is a good nervous. I need to be kept aware and on my toes.
  6. Finalizing creative ideas
    What if there was more I could have done?! What if someone has already done it?! What if I spent time on an idea that could have been something else? Lol I don't think I'm alone in these thoughts.