My Yearly #Ramadan Goals

I've always looked at Ramadan as an opportunity to reset and detoxify all aspects of my life. My goals are always the same, whether or not I succeed or reach them. What are yours?
  1. Giving my lungs a break
    I've said a few times before that I "can quit whenever I want," but that's what all addicts say. It's fun being the cool person who smokes, but it's no fun having chest pains and not being able to work out or function properly because of a filthy habit. Fasting forces me to stop, for at least 16 hours a day.
  2. Mindfulness with food
    Obvi I'm ravenous by sunset, but I can only eat so much, and I have a small window of eating before I have to stop again. Ramadan makes me stop and really think about what I want to - and can - eat to break my fast, minimizing mindless eating.
  3. Positivity & being pleasant
    I strive to get out of my default negative Nancy vibe because kindness and generosity during Ramadan. I try to be nice and helpful whenever I can to everyone and anyone.
  4. Meditation & reflection
    This is the month where I just chill the frak down. I pray and meditate as much as I can and not sweat all the small unimportant stuff.
  5. Reconnect
    I reconnect with family and friends I've lost touch with and just catch up beyond the usual social media interactions.